Concrete Cancer and Concrete Spalling Repairs

Concrete spalling occurs when the reinforcing steel in a concrete slab begins to rust.

Balustrade Replacement and Balcony Refurbishment

Includes removal of existing hand rails, removal and repair of concrete cancer, waterproofing, tiling, and new balustrade.

Authorised installers of Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

We are authorised installers of the Sika range of carbon fibre reinforcement.

Magnasite Removal and Floor Topping

Mechanical removal of magnasite that has not adhered to the slab correctly or has been damaged due to water ingress.

Flashing and Brickwork Repair

Includes replacement of inadequate cavity flashings, Helifix and crack stitching and damp proof course replacement.

Arch Bar and Lintel Replacement

Involves replacement of cracked and corroded supports around windows, doors and openings.


We offer liquid membranes, torch on membranes and sheet membranes.

Shoring, Propping and Bracing

Emergency propping due to landslips, car damage and retaining wall collapses.

Facade Refurbishment

Includes replacement of windows and doors, rendering and refurbishment of dated blocks.

Leak Detection and Repairs

We use moisture meters, camera inspections, flood testing and dye testing.


Installation of vents and airflow systems. We install systems that purify and move air.

Structural Strengthening and Alterations

Large and small scale structural strengthening and alterations.